Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Petaluma Mothers' Club invites you to our annual Fall Carnival!

Join us on October 24th from 11AM to 2:30PM at Kenilworth Jr. High School for our annual Fall Carnival and Costume Contest!  This event is always lots of fun for the entire family!  It is all about the kids, as we celebrate fall with plenty of games, a bounce house, live music, a bake sale and much more!  Please click on the flyer below for more details.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The PMC hosts our annual BBQ

This weekend we bid summer farewell, as we celebrated with a big, final PMC cookout.

Many adorable young children, played and danced together, while the grown-ups enjoyed some yummy food.

When the kids were not dancing around to the music of Tim Cain, they were playing on the playground or in the sandbox.  Thank you to the organizers and to everyone who brought something to share!

Friday, September 3, 2010

PMC Fieldtrip to Tara Firma Farms

The PMC recently toured Tara Firma Farms, a local farm growing chemical free produce and pasture fed, humanely treated pigs, cows and chickens.  Here are a few photos from this lovely Sunday afternoon.

The PMC is proud to offer at least one fieldtrip each month.  As a group we meet at an interesting location or do a fun activity together.  

Thank you for hosting us Tara Firma!  We love supporting local businesses.  

Photography by Erin Wrightsman.  

Fun Food Friday: Easy Popsicles

Summer is not over, here in Petaluma, as our recent weather indicates.  Popsicles are a fun and easy way to stay cool, and use up extra summer fruit.  Homemade popsicles are simple and healthy treats, and since you know each ingredient, you won't have to worry about your kids consuming chemical food dyes or corn syrup.

Simply blend your favorite fruit with some honey or a little sugar and freeze in a popsicle mold.  We like to layer different fruits in the mold along with yogurt for a rainbow effect.  Enjoy!

September President's Note

Even though my children are not in school yet, September always gives me that back-to-school feeling.  Suddenly, summer is over and it is time to pull out the sweaters, and boots, and go shopping for fresh desk supplies.  Teachers and students take center stage as class begins.

We all had teachers in our life that made a particular difference in our education.  They seemed to care a little more, speak with more enthusiasm, saw something in us that the other teachers didn’t notice.  They drew us out and helped us see the world a little differently.  Mrs. Bott was just that teacher for me.  Going to her class each day was like entering a special world.  She decorated the classroom seasonally, played beautiful music, and even shared special treats with us on certain occasions.  Most importantly, she was completely committed to her students, and she inspired us each day to enjoy learning.  Even though she was our 7th grade English teacher, she found a way to be there on the day her “kids” graduated high school.   If you are a teacher, I’m sending you a very special thank you this month for inspiring and educating our children.  If you are a student, I wish you good luck, and hope you don’t have too many late nights of studying!

In honor of our new “semester,” the PMC is gearing up for our annual BBQ. We’ll be grilling up some good eats for you and your family as we bid farewell to summer with a big final cookout.  We would love to see you at this wonderful event, so forget about making dinner and doing the dishes, and let us cook for you!  We have several other great events lined up too, like the fieldtrip to Chileno Valley Ranch, and Safari West.  We’ll also have a special presentation on disaster preparedness that you won’t want to miss.  Please check our calendar to find the dates and times for all of our events.