Monday, February 1, 2010

February President's Note

I have always wanted to volunteer in the community that I lived in.  It’s something that I feel helps keep me connected and a part of my community.  I also really enjoy helping others and giving back.
When I lived in another county and before I had kids, I volunteered to coach a girls’ soccer team.  I was coaching girls ages 6 and 61/2.  The hardest part about coaching besides trying to get little ones to play soccer instead of picking grass and doing cartwheels was dealing with the scrutiny of parents who couldn’t believe I was volunteering when I didn’t have a kid on the team.
I’ve since had many other opportunities to volunteer and I must say that volunteering for the PMC has been my favorite.  It’s nice having a common bond with other mothers as well as having made friends to help me along in my parenting journey.  I love our events, mom’s nights out, socials, and getting this wonderful newsletter.  I’ve been involved in the PMC since before my 3 year old was born.  At that time I had no clue about becoming a mother (I’m still pretty clueless).  I received so much support from other women when I had to return to work after having a baby, I joined a great playgroup, got lots of tips on baby gear, gave away and received children’s items, etc.  Later I became an Event Coordinator and had a blast coordinating events with a great team of women, last year I served as VP, and this year as President.  I’m really enjoying myself so far, and I’m learning a lot in the process.  What is amazing to me is the dedication of so many members of our organization.  There are women I’ve met who are doing so much to volunteer not just with the PMC but other local organizations as well.  How inspiring!  How do they do it?
Although we have launched into 2010 and have a few months left in this term, we are always looking for mothers (and dads) who would like to get more involved with our club.  If you feel like you can do a little more this year, whether that be make a meal for a family who has just had a baby, or come to a board meeting to show support and say “hello,” I will be the first to welcome you and invite you to do so.  If you are interested in supporting other organizations locally, there are many that can use your support this year.  If I can be of any assistance connecting you, please let me know.  If you are doing your best with all you have on your plate right now, just keep on going, you’re doing great moms (& dads).
Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Volunteering!
Have Fun spreading the love!
Veronica Blaustein
PMC President

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